Meet Dawson Whitfield, CEO of Logojoy, where logos are made easy with the help of AI. Just five months from launching, Logojoy has evolved from a one man-show, to an ever growing production of eleven employees.


Logojoy is an online logo maker with the goal of “making design accessible and delightful,” says Whitfield, “we want to make it easy and fun for you to create your logo.” Their automated logo-maker is designed with the idea of acting as a stand in designer. Customers can easily create branded logos, with the same high quality that an experienced designer can deliver - at a tenth of the cost and without the hassle.


What’s to come from this budding AI company? Whitfield sees Logojoy becoming the “defacto design partner that every business uses.” Using their algorithms, they hope to generate banners, business cards, menus and much more.


With growth accelerating at an astonishing rate of 90% per month, Dawson knew he couldn’t waste time on administrative tasks, He needed a payroll service that would manage all the calculations and payments.


Solving the Mystery

When hiring his first employee, Whitfield had no idea how to execute payroll. He didn’t know where to start, much less what needed to be done. It was “chaotic and sporadic; completely unscalable and unmanageable.”


Payroll was a mystery to Whitfield and he needed someone with answers. At the speed at which he was hiring, he needed a quick and simple payroll service to handle his growing HR needs, which is when he found Knit.


The team at Knit guided him through the process and told him exactly what information he needed to provided. Knit then promptly and effortlessly brought Logojoy and its employees onto the payroll service platform - without Whitfield having to lift a finger.


Knit has taken care of all of Logojoy’s payroll runs and compliance needs since.


“As a Founder, I juggle so many things. What’s been phenomenal about Knit is that I don’t need to ask questions because they understand my situation. Knit just knows what I need and they get it done.”


Stress-free Payroll Service

As Knit began managing Logojoy’s payroll service, Whitfield stopped worrying about his payroll. Knit’s platform automatically makes sure his employees are paid accurately and on time. They even take care of all the tax calculations which Whitfield felt hesitant about as a new business owner. He can now focus his time and energy on growing Logojoy.


Aside from business, Whitfield has also seen an improvement in his personal life, ”the stress has gone down big time because payroll was a big worry for me.”


Celebrating a Growing Team

A fast growing team should be fun and exciting. Before Knit, hiring new employees was intimidating for Whitfield because he didn’t know how to properly bring them onboard. With Knit, all Dawson has to do is send a quick message with his new hire’s personal information, start date, and pay details, and Knit takes care of the rest.


With the help of Knit, Whitfield can now fully enjoy growing his team without feeling daunted by the process, “Payroll is a confusing concept and Knit made it simple.”