Serind Labs is a Toronto-based design and development agency that specializes in building beautiful applications for small businesses and startups. They work with web platforms, iOS, and Android, and have a special affinity for all things e-commerce. Co-founded by Tehsin Bhayani and Kevin McGovern in 2013, Serind Labs has now grown into a full team of expert creatives and engineers who are passionate about building the best mobile and web products possible. Despite their success, the journey has not been an easy one for these business owners. Tehsin sat down with us to share how he overcame the difficulties of managing a small business with the help of Knit.

Growing Pains

Tehsin initially founded Serind Labs, and was soon joined by Kevin with the hopes of building their own product. Over the years, they watched their business go through the small business pains that accompany starting a company from scratch. Serind Labs experienced a series of ups and downs, hitting their lowest point with a bank balance of -$4 and multiple maxed out credit cards.


They soon realized that they needed to shift their focus and eventually decided to become an agency devoted to developing products as a service for clients as well as for themselves. Four years later, they’ve succeeded in turning Serind Labs into a fast-growing business with a passionate team of twenty-one and counting, consistently delivering successful apps for their clients.


Despite Serind Labs’ turnaround, Tehsin continued to faced many difficulties. As the company grew, Tehsin found that his stress levels were constantly increasing. Rather than celebrating his company’s growth, he felt pressured by the substantial amount of administrative and payroll tasks that were quickly building up.


“As much as my technical background in computer science is my biggest strength - organization and finance are my achilles’ heel,” said Tehsin, during our sit down at the Knit office, “I’m great at building products and not terrible at talking to clients, but the financial side has always been my biggest pain.”


Even with a team of ten people, Tehsin was continuing to pay his employees manually through e-transfers, “I was ashamed to admit it, but I was literally doing it on Excel and trying to figure it out on my own”.


With growing company needs and limited payroll knowledge, Tehsin knew that he needed help getting organized.


Finding The Perfect Payroll Service

As the co-founder of a software development agency, Tehsin highly values the user-friendliness of a product. He knew that he wanted his payroll service to be simple, straightforward and easy to use.


Not knowing where to start looking, Tehsin began his search by testing out the payroll service offered at his local bank. After trying out their product, he was left disappointed by their service and their platform. Not only was their payroll management service expensive, but he also described their platform as “very 1990s and old”. In other words, it was far from user-friendly.


After a few more unsatisfactory tests, Tehsin finally found Knit and his search for the ideal payroll service was over.


“Knit just stepped in and told me not to worry, that they were going to make sure everybody would get paid properly. That level of service can’t be found anywhere else.”


The team at Knit promptly created an account for Serind Labs and brought all their employees onto the platform. From that moment on, the weight was entirely lifted from Tehsin’s shoulders.


He no longer has to worry about calculating payroll deductions or making careless mistakes. Knit makes sure that his business is error-free and compliant by automatically handling all his tax calculations and remittances.


Whenever payday comes around, Tehsin receives a timely notification in his inbox reminding him to pay his employees. All he has to do is log into his Knit account, review the payroll, and click to confirm the payment. It’s as simple as that.


Payroll That Gives Peace

Tehsin has felt a huge sense of peace and relief since he started using Knit’s payroll service.


“A year ago, I was waking up at 3’o clock in the morning. I was taking Zantacs or Tums because I worried about cash flow mistakes. We were so disorganized that it made me anxious, and I didn’t want to run a business or live like this. After Knit came into the picture, I stopped waking up in the middle of the night. I’m finally able to peacefully get my full seven hours of sleep because of this one, simple change.”


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