Moving with you from the ground up - that’s the idea behind Tread, a mobile construction application. The construction industry may have the reputation of lacking in innovation, but Tread’s online marketplace is quickly tearing down those conventions. By seamlessly connecting equipment operators with contractors, Tread is well on its way to revolutionizing the construction industry. Founded in Canada in 2016 by Noah Dolgoy and Carson Perrotti, Tread is now preparing to grow their team and expand beyond the border.


Building The Foundation

Noah and Carson spent the first six months working tirelessly on developing Tread’s platform and getting it ready to bring to market. In order to accelerate their growth, they brought on a few independent contractors that were employed on a monthly basis and paid through manually sent Interac e-transfers.


Tread hired their first full-time employee in early 2017. Within six months, Tread had grown into a team of ten employees, and is expecting to double again by the end of the year.


Mastering Efficiency

Since then, Tread’s Office Manager, Ella Wiseman, has taken on the role of administering all the day-to-day HR and payroll tasks. Tread’s rapid and sudden growth made it clear that manually sending e-transfer payments to employees would no longer work. Having no prior knowledge on how to run payroll, Ella needed a simple and user-friendly payment solution that would save time and help with compliance.


“We had just started our bookkeeping and we really needed to organize ourselves as the company grew,” said Ella. “It’s important to us that the employees we value so much are getting paid the right amount and on time.”


Thus, Knit became Tread’s payroll and HR platform. Since then, Knit has taken care of all of Tread’s employees by ensuring that correct payments are always made on time and without error. Noah and Ella no longer need to waste time manually calculating payroll taxes and sending out payments one at a time. “Knit has provided us with an efficient way of getting our employees paid without using cheques,” said Noah, about switching over to Knit.


Alongside handling Tread’s payroll needs, Knit also makes onboarding their growing team simple and efficient. Rather than giving new hires paper forms to sign, all Ella has to do is send the new employee an email through Knit’s platform, and they will be invited to fill in their own information online.


On top of everything, Knit appeals to startups like Tread because of their affordable pricing, “Using a service without a subscription fee is really nice.”


Understanding Small Businesses

As small business owners, Noah and Carson appreciate the fact that like-minded small companies understand their pains. “We have the same values as Knit; it’s nice to work with people like that.”


As Tread continues to move upwards in the construction industry, Knit will continue to support their growing team so that they can keep on treading.