Bookkeeping That Gives

You Peace Of Mind

Clean books from experienced professionals

Want to track the health of your business without hassle? Knit pairs you with a dedicated bookkeeper with +10 years experience to create the perfect workflow for you. Better yet, Knit’s Canada-wide partner network of select bookkeeping and accounting firms means you have resources at the ready for every financial question.

Never Fall Behind with Financial Administration

Great bookkeeping starts with a great setup. Knit reviews your process, consults you about your goals and initiatives, and makes recommendations about how to get the most out of your books. Fallen behind with bookkeeping? No sweat - Knit will help you get up to speed and ensure you’re always up-to-date going forward.

Receive Business Insights From Monthly Reporting

Knit makes sure your business transactions are properly categorized, reconciles accounts, gives you clean profit and loss statements, and sends you tax-ready reporting so you can feel confident about year-end filings. Look good to investors, auditors, and business partners. (And as your needs grow, Knit puts you in touch with trusted, certified accounting partners.)

The Best Tools For The Best Books

Knit does more than use the best tools - we develop our own integrations. In other words, we have true technological expertise in Xero, QuickBooks, Hubdoc, and the latest in cloud bookkeeping solutions. For you that means more control, more time in your day, more value from technology, and more visibility from your reporting.

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