Focus on People 

Leave the rest to us. We are Canada’s unified software for payroll, HR, and benefits


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Tools for a Happy Workplace

Time off scheduling • ROEs • Time sheets • Tax filing • Customizable reports • Paystubs

Single Click. Perfect Payroll.

Knit makes every payroll fast, intuitive, and completely worry-free, no matter how complicated your setup. With every pay run, Knit keeps everyone happy - from intern to CRA.

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Breeze through payroll with Knit’s features

  • Time-off Scheduling
  • ROEs
  • Time sheets
  • Tax filings and payments
  • Paperless paystubs
  • Customizable payroll reports

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Employee Portals • Time Off Tracking • eSignatures • Custom Data Fields • Benefits Administration

Seamless HR Workflows

Knit simplifies HR administration and puts more hours back in your schedule so you can focus on your people. Easily manage your entire team and keep everyone in the loop with a click of a button.

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Your employee management tools

  • Employee Portals
  • Time-Off Tracking
  • eSignatures
  • Custom Data Fields
  • Benefits administration
  • Performance Pulse
  • Custom Permissions
  • Mobile Responsive

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Dedicated bookkeeping for Canadian business. Knit pairs you with professionals with 10+ years in their field.

Benefits For A Happier, Healthier Workplace

Create the perfect benefits plan for your team with Knit. We help you find the right fit from Canada's top insurance carriers, then simplify enrollment and automate management through smart software. From hire to retire - we help you win your people over.

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Bookkeeping Partners for Canadian Business

We partner with select bookkeeping and accounting firms with 10+ years in their field to help you keep you books in order. You have unique needs, which is why Knit works with you find the right fit.

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The Knit Difference

Knit is Canada’s only scalable payroll & HR platform backed by a first-class team. We pair powerful software with unparalleled service when you need a human touch to guide you through the complexities of payroll and talent management.

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Comprehensive Security

Your information is encrypted with the same technology that banks use to protect your account. You could say we’re as safe as the National Bank of Canada.


Professional Advisors

With Knit, you're teamed up with in-house Accountants and HR professionals so you're never left alone when you need help.


100% Legislative Compliance

Make sure your employees are paid correctly and your tax reports are filed on time. We guarantee your payroll is up to date with the latest legislative changes.

What Customers Are Saying

Cato Pastoll

Lending Loop

I don’t want to deal with customer support of a large company. Being able to work with a smaller, customer-oriented company is always better. Knit made things easier, simpler, and faster.

Tehsin Bhayani

Serind Labs

A year ago, I was waking up at 3am. I took Zantacs because I worried about cash flow mistakes. We were so disorganized; it made me anxious. After Knit came into the picture, I stopped waking up at night.

Ella Wiseman


Knit emails me twice a month to remind me to run payroll. I take a quick scan-through, hit approve, and that’s it!

+$ 1.000.000

in Daily Payroll Transactions

You’re in good company. Processing $1Ms in daily payroll transactions and connecting thousands of employees to their companies, Knit is the trusted provider of Canadian businesses both big and small.

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