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Employer of Record Features

Our comprehensive platform is designed to keep your global payroll, HR, and hiring needs met and running smoothly. Our tools include:

Unified Dashboard

Hire and relocate team members on either side of the border through our visa and compliance support.

Compliant Employment

Our team can help you to stay compliant through our expertise on employment legislation.

Global Payroll

Process salaries, expenses, and bonuses in international currencies while ensuring that your team members are paid on time no matter their location.

Global Contractor Management

Easily manage and pay contractors and freelancers located across the globe.

Market Expansion

Grow your business and get your foot in the door into international markets by expanding your hiring and operations to multiple countries.

Competitive Benefits

Offer your team competitive benefits options no matter where they’re located.

Payments in Local Currency

Pay your employees in their local currency to ensure they’re receiving accurate compensation.

Hiring and Relocation

Hire and relocate team members on either side of the border through our visa and compliance support.

Customizable Workflows

Knit’s platform can be customized to meet your unique needs regardless of the country your employees are working out of.

“When you aren't spending 90% of your time on data entry, that allows you to put energy and time towards the human connection of what everyone's doing.”

Bonfire Bookkeeping
Lisa Channell
Owner, Bonfire Bookkeeping

“Knit outshines the competition with its amazing user interface, reports, HR, and benefits offerings, and the amazing support team. We feel we are better positioned to offer this value-added service to our clients, which they often expect from us being their trusted partners.”

Marco D’Ercole CPA
CA, Co-Founder of CloudCPA

“Knit’s automation removed the ‘payroll time wasters’ that took me away from the work I enjoy.  But more importantly, it has empowered my clients and their employees to access their portal at any time. Whether it’s viewing their paystubs, T4s, and ROEs, changing an address, or even looking at how much vacation time they have, it’s total empowerment!.”

Balsam Way Bookkeeping
Sherri-Lee Mathers
CPB, Founder of Balsam Way Bookkeeping
How We Work

Build a brilliant team across borders.

Are you interested in expanding your business into international markets and hiring across the world? Knit can help you to achieve this with ease and can aid you to bring on talent located in the US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and more. Find new hires you’re excited to work with, and we’ll take everything off your hands from there.

From onboarding documents to compliance and global payroll and benefits, Knit is here to take care of all of the complex administrative work that comes with hiring outside of your country.

Cartoon illustration of teams around the world, calling for Build a brilliant team across borders
Hiring Across Borders

Expand your workforce with Knit.

Found the perfect team member across the border? Don’t fret! Knit’s employer of record services can help you to hire employees across the planet and give them the same great experience as your staff back home. Our employment experts can provide you with compliant employment agreements and set up global payroll and benefits in just a few clicks.

Stay tuned as we expand globally!

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Employer of Record Services

Employer of record tools to help your team succeed.

Are you searching for an employer of record in hopes of doing business abroad? Knit’s got you covered. Our services include:

  • Payroll and HR tools designed to help you to streamline your administrative duties
  • Ensuring compliance through global tax filing services
  • Providing your employees with world class health, dental and vision benefits
  • Helping you to hire employees across Canada and the US
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Expanding Your Business

Stay competitive in an increasingly globalized economy.

Here at Knit, we know that global payroll and HR can be complex – which is why you deserve technology designed to simplify it. Perks of working with our team and cutting-edge solutions include:

  • Increasing efficiency by handling managerial tasks for you
  • Providing international employees with a five-star experience, thus reducing turnover rates
  • Access to payroll, HR, and compliance experts
  • Helping you to stay flexible while hiring
An image illustrating the advantages of working with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for employers.
Helping You to Expand Globally

Compliance, accuracy, and peace of mind.

Did you know that companies working with an employer of record are more likely than their competitors to stay in business? This is thanks to assistance in bridging language barriers, outsourcing time-consuming administrative tasks, flexibility in hiring and pay, and staying compliant.

Here at Knit, we’re here to help make this a reality for you. Our team can help to manage your overseas workers, handle your payroll and HR tasks (including hiring and terminating employees according to your needs), and offer risk protection through our compliance experts. Reach out to our customer service team today to learn more!

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Prices start at just 8% of total monthly processed payroll

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