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At Knit, the security and privacy of client data is our #1 priority


Trust and safety measures serve both a functional and marketing role within businesses. Not only are trust and safety measures important in protecting your business and clients against hackers, but strong measures are also likely to attract customers who also highly prioritize security. If you’re a business owner or accountant, using high quality security software means that your company data will stay safe and your business’ reputation intact, and you are more likely to attract and retain customers.

Knit has adopted high security measures to ensure the protection of client information. These include security such as

Internal Controls

Each employee at Knit undergoes thorough background checks when joining the company, ensuring that only the most qualified and trustworthy individuals are hired.

Data encryption

All communication between the client and server is encrypted using SSL, and passwords are asymmetrically encrypted so that no one, even at Knit, can see them.

Reviewing sub-processors

Knit regularly performs reviews of our sub-processors who include multi-national vendors and banks to determine if our customers are facing any risks. If any issues are discovered, we work with the sub-processor to understand the impact on client data and how to quickly resolve the issue.

Application Security

At least once a year, Knit partners with a third-party penetration testing team to ensure that our products are secure and bug-free.


To ensure security, it is important to ensure that different levels of control exist within a system. This is true for both the Knit team, where a system of checks and balances and approvals are in place, and for our product which offers custom access levels to information for our clients’ teams.

Audit trails

Knit uses a non-editable audit trail to track and time stamp each action made through our platform.

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