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Employee performance reviews made easy
Regular performance reviews are key to helping your employees and your company grow. Simplify the process with Knit People's automated performance management software. Administer year-round reviews, set objectives, and track employee performance — all in one place.

Built for continuous performance management

Knit People's employee performance software makes it easy to set up and run a continuous review system. Create goals, then evaluate talent on a consistent, recurring basis to ensure everyone is aligned towards the same goal.

A performance review system for small and medium businesses

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to performance reviews. Knit lets you quickly create reviews that fit your company’s needs by customizing the details, guidelines, objectives, and deadlines. Adjust the review frequency based on what fits your small business best: whether that’s once a year or every quarter.

Track employee goals and feedback automatically

Once you start the performance review, Knit People makes tracking employee goals easy. Automatic reminders keep the process moving through the stages and deadlines you've set.

Tools for remote team performance tracking

All past reviews are stored in the cloud, so you have full transparency when it comes to your team's historical feedback. Conduct reviews and meetings online easily, and let Knit's system guide employees through the steps to complete reviews remotely.
Performance review software pricing starts at $43/month

Join over a thousand small businesses that track team performance with Knit.

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