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An HR system with all the features a small business needs.

Your time is limited. So how about one less distraction, one less hour chasing paperwork in your day? Whether you're an HR Manager, a CEO, or a first-time business owner, Knit simplifies your life by giving you an HR platform to manage data with ease. Focus on your people and the big picture - leave the rest to us.

Employee Database

Store all your important employee information like pay raises, notes and more.

Store Documents

Securely store HR documents, and create permissions so only those who need access have it.

Time Off Calendar

Easily track paid time off with a company vacation calendar.

Custom Access Levels

Protect sensitive data and give the right people access to the right information.

Email Alerts & Reminders

Get automated reminders about important datas like birthdays and work anniversaries.

Customizable Employee Profiles

Add custom fields to each employee profile to keep track of the information you need.

Automatic Time Off Calculations

Knit automatically calculates time off balances and accruals, so you can keep track of paid time off.

Custom Time Off Policies

Track any type of leave, from work from home to personal days, and create custom accrual levels.

Manager Approvals

Delegate approvals to managers and employees, and keep things running with automatic notifications.

Expert HR Services

Get the HR support you need when you need it.

Streamline your responsibilities and focus on growing your business by using Knit’s comprehensive HR management software to handle your employee data, benefits, and compliance all in one place.


Manage employee data including contact information, direct deposit data, and benefits.


Keep track of your team’s performance and have everyone on the same page through goal setting and performance reviews.


Stay up to date with legal regulations by keeping track of PTO while generating reports on employee data and analytics.

Onboard Employees

Onboarding new employees has never been easier.

First impressions are everything, which is why Knit strives to ensure that your new hires have access to a streamlined and stress-free onboarding experience.

“When you aren't spending 90% of your time on data entry, that allows you to put energy and time towards the human connection of what everyone's doing.”

Bonfire Bookkeeping
Lisa Channell
Owner, Bonfire Bookkeeping

“Knit outshines the competition with its amazing user interface, reports, HR, and benefits offerings, and the amazing support team. We feel we are better positioned to offer this value-added service to our clients, which they often expect from us being their trusted partners.”

Marco D’Ercole CPA
CA, Co-Founder of CloudCPA

“Knit’s automation removed the ‘payroll time wasters’ that took me away from the work I enjoy.  But more importantly, it has empowered my clients and their employees to access their portal at any time. Whether it’s viewing their paystubs, T4s, and ROEs, changing an address, or even looking at how much vacation time they have, it’s total empowerment!.”

Balsam Way Bookkeeping
Sherri-Lee Mathers
CPB, Founder of Balsam Way Bookkeeping
A Single Source of Truth for Employee Information

HR, payroll, and benefits all in one place.

Knit makes managing your HR system and process painless by putting everything in one place. Keep employee data, process payroll, track time off, integrate employee benefits, and never leave Knit's system. Knit's custom fields let you track anything you ever need.

  • Track PTO and customize PTO policies
  • Store HR documents
  • Payroll reports
  • Audit reports
Screenshots of how to change an employee's basic information in Knit HR software.
Employee Performance Reviews

Launch performance reviews in just a few easy steps.

With Knit, you can ensure that you and your employees are all aligned toward the same goals through our performance review tools.  Our customizable performance review software allows you to input information such as:

  • Assigning Team Members to Complete Reviews
  • Review Frequency and Deadlines
  • Employee Objectives
  • Guidelines to Complete Review
Screenshots of performance admin summary in Knit employee performance management software.
Human Resource Management, Automated with Software

Streamline workplace administration.

Knit’s platform is built to streamline HR processes for the entire lifecycle of an employee. From the day you send out an offer letter and gather important employee documents all the way to offboarding, Knit’s got you covered. Easily set up policies to reflect your organizational needs, such as paid time off allowances, and then put your human resources administration on autopilot.

  • Manager approvals
  • Grant members of your team custom access levels to HR documents
  • Email alerts and reminders
  • Customizable employee profiles
Employees in the office working busily, showcasing a collaborative and efficient work illustration.
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