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Payroll designed for accountants.

With unparalleled payroll flexibility, a professional client portal, and an unlimited pricing model, Knit gives accountants and bookkeepers the ultimate payroll software experience.

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Who We Work With

Our trusted clients


“When you aren't spending 90% of your time on data entry, that allows you to put energy and time towards the human connection of what everyone's doing.”

Bonfire Bookkeeping
Lisa Channell
Owner, Bonfire Bookkeeping

“Knit outshines the competition with its amazing user interface, reports, HR, and benefits offerings, and the amazing support team. We feel we are better positioned to offer this value-added service to our clients, which they often expect from us being their trusted partners.”

Marco D’Ercole CPA
CA, Co-Founder of CloudCPA

“Knit’s automation removed the ‘payroll time wasters’ that took me away from the work I enjoy.  But more importantly, it has empowered my clients and their employees to access their portal at any time. Whether it’s viewing their paystubs, T4s, and ROEs, changing an address, or even looking at how much vacation time they have, it’s total empowerment!.”

Balsam Way Bookkeeping
Sherri-Lee Mathers
CPB, Founder of Balsam Way Bookkeeping

Why become a Knit partner?

With unparalleled payroll flexibility, a professional client portal, and an unlimited pricing model, Knit gives accountants and bookkeepers the ultimate payroll software experience.

Unlimited Pay Runs

With unlimited pay runs, pay groups, and pay cycles you’ll never have to worry about extra monthly costs. Plus, our unlimited deduction and income types make frustrating workarounds a thing of the past.


You’ll love the ability to manage payroll for all your clients with one login. Even better, your clients will love the freedom to self-onboard, request time off, and access their pay stubs and tax forms whenever they need them.

Staying Efficient

From T4 filing and WSIB remittances, to payroll autorun and industry-leading software integrations, Knit helps you do more in less time.

Unlimited Payrolls = Ultimate Value.

We know that unplanned payrolls happen, so if your current payroll provider charges you for each pay run those costs can quickly add up. Knit’s Ultimate Payroll Package includes unlimited payrolls per month so you never have to worry about extra pay runs or costs.

  • Custom payroll fields
  • ROEs
  • Cloud accessible documents
  • Holiday pay calculations
Screenshot of run payrolls in Knit payroll software.

Manage All Your Clients from One Login.

Time is money.  So whether you’re managing payroll for 1 client or 50, our “Master Admin” feature means you can access all your payroll clients with a single login and dashboard.

Screenshots of clients list in Knit software.

Awesome Portal for Clients.

Your time is precious, so why spend it inputting employee data when your clients can do it for you. Our extremely friendly client portal allows for employee self-onboarding, integrated time off management, and automated pay stub delivery. That means your employees never have to go through you to access their tax forms, ROEs, and more.

Screenshot of hire employees in Knit HR software.

Extra Goodies.

We know it’s the little things that count, which is why our Ultimate Package includes lots of HR capabilities and extra goodies, including:

  • "Master admin" access
  • Employee self-service
  • Web and phone support
  • Bulk discount structure
Screenshot of the list of employees in Knit HR software.

Super Support.

To say that payroll is important is an understatement, which is why we’re here for you via email or phone support when you need us. Our Toronto-based support team is made up only of accountants and payroll specialists, so you know you’re always in good hands.

Employees communicate effectively with customers by telephone.

Integrate your current accounting software with Knit.

Our platform can be easily integrated with popular accounting tools such as QuickBooks Online and Xero in order to streamline your workflow.

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