Record of Employment FAQ for COVID-19

Payroll Management

Service Canada has a toll-free number - 1-833-381-2725 - for any worker who is ill or experiencing a loss of work due to COVID-19.

BLOCK 16 – Reason for issuing the Record of Employment (ROE):

REMINDER: When issuing an ROE, do not complete the Block 18 – Comments section. Any comments will remove the ROE from the automation process and will slow down the claims process.

Question: Our employee returned from an international trip and was quarantined for two weeks. What is the reason code to use on the ROE?

Answer: For an employee who is under quarantine or self-quarantine due to COVID-19, an ROE must be issued with the reason code “D” for illness or injury (there is no specific ROE code for quarantine).

Question: If employees are sent home because the company is temporarily closing, what would be the reason code on the ROE?

Answer: The reason code on the ROE would be “A” – Shortage of work / End of contract or Season.

Question: We are going to have to close parts of our business because of COVID-19. What code do we use on the ROE?

Answer: If the termination is due to “Shortage of work” use Code “A” Shortage of work.

Question: What is the reason code on the ROE for employees who refuse to report to work due to risk of exposure to COVID-19?

Answer: Employers are recommended to use Code N (Leave of absence).

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