All employee data in one place

Your time is limited. So how about one less distraction, one less hour chasing paperwork in your day? Whether you're an HR Manager, a CEO, or a first-time business owner, Knit simplifies your life by helping you manage HR data with ease. Focus on your people and the big picture - leave the rest to us.


Find What You Need When You Need It

Knit's Canadian HR software makes managing all your HR data painless - we bring the most important information all to one place. Take advantage of our mass-import features, track historical compensation, set vacation policies, instantly find emergency contacts, or set up your own custom data fields. Never again worry about record-keeping or losing access - Knit lets you keep your data for a lifetime.
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Engage Your Employees With Ease

Knit creates an open line of communication between you and your team. From day one, engage new hires with Knit’s self-onboarding wizard, and keep everyone on the same page through performance pulses. Allow employees to update personal information in real time and send vacation requests on-the-go. 

Never Worry About Compliance

Send offer letters and employee documents directly through the platform, keep binding eSignatures in a secure document cloud, and protect privacy through custom manager access levels. Consult with Knit’s HR experts about everything from hiring practices to employee handbooks.


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