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Unparalleled Support

Knit makes sure you and your clients are payroll-perfect for life. We take client success seriously, and our Toronto-based support team is made up only of accountants and payroll specialists — so you know you're always in good hands.


Technology You’ll Love

Your time is best spent strategically advising your client—not on manual administration. To streamline even the most complex payroll systems, Knit helps you calculate, pay, remit, and report with just a click. Firms also have access to an exclusive Practice Manager that lets you manage your firm's own clients and team members.

Growth for Your Firm

Your expertise drives your client's success. That's why Knit is more than a software and service package — we’re accountant advocates first. Since we believe every business should work with an advisor, we refer our partners to be matched with our payroll users.


Unlock Perks with Knit:

The Startup
(1-2 clients)
The Firm
(3-11 clients)
The Company
(12-24 clients)
The Enterprise
(25+ clients)
Bulk Discount
Free payroll for your firm
Free HR for your firm
1 month free client trial
Implentation guides and assistance
Client training materials
Free marketing collateral
Knit partner badges
Client referrals from Knit
VIP phone line
Video for your business
Free event partner listing

Exclusive Bonus Offer:

Do you manage payroll for small owner-operator businesses with just 1-2 employees?

Knit gives you preferred rates for these clients - start at just $30/month, then get bulk discounts on top of that rate as you onboard more clients. Want to learn more? Chat with one of our specialists to get all the details.

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Why Partners Lover Knit

Marco D’Ercole, CPA, CA

Partner, Cloud CPA

Knit outshines the competition with its amazing user interface, reports, HR and benefits offerings and the amazing support team. We feel we are better positioned to offer this value added service to our clients, which they often expect from us being their trusted partners.

Lisa Channell, CPB

Owner, Bonfire Bookkeeping

A lot of my small businesses had trouble paying their remittances, and I would end up babysitting them a lot just to accomplish that one thing. With Knit, I love that it's all in one shot - you can't really even do payroll without already agreeing to pay your taxes at the time of payroll.

Jenny Tran, CPA, CMA

President, Fint.Cloud

The Knit team has been fantastic. They have been nothing but supportive to myself and my team, and a fantastic resource for payroll questions that are coming from the clients. My team doesn’t have to have that very specific payroll knowledge in order to support our client’s payroll functions.