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End-to-End Performance Reviews
Regular performance reviews are key to helping your employees (and your company) grow. Simplify the process with Knit’s automated performance management system. Administer year-round reviews, set objectives, and track employee performance—all in one place.

A Comfortable Space to Talk Performance

Discussing performance with your manager can be intimidating for even the strongest employees. Knit helps you get the conversation started by creating a safe space for employees to review their performance. With the option to add custom objectives, you can ensure these conversations lead to tangible results.

Fully Customizable Performance Reviews

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to performance reviews. Create a review that fits your company’s needs by customizing the details, guidelines, objectives, and deadlines of each review. Already have a template you’d like to use? No problem. You can upload your files directly to save time when creating your reviews. You can also adjust who receives a review and the frequency of feedback you want to receive—whether that’s once a year or every quarter.

Automated Launch & Reminders

Once you’ve sent your performance reviews, Knit takes care of the rest. We’ll automatically send launch emails to reviewers and reviewees inviting them to begin the process. If you’re waiting on someone to finish their performance review, you can opt to send out a friendly email reminder.

Track Performance Over Time

All your performance reviews are stored in one place, so you never have to go hunting for what you need. You can also view past and present results to track your team’s progress (and success) over time.
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