Knit’s New Ultimate Payroll Package: All Our Features for One Price

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For years, Knit has worked to provide accountants and bookkeepers with the ultimate payroll platform. Now all of those features are available for just $29/month + $3/employee with our new Ultimate Payroll Package. Effective as of today, you can get all of Knit’s payroll and HR features (and we mean all of them) on one plan, for one price. Period.

The Ultimate Payroll Package

Knit’s new Ultimate Payroll Package is designed for today’s tech-savvy accountants and bookkeepers, who need a comprehensive payroll solution. We know that accountants and bookkeepers work hard to make sure their client’s employees get paid on time, and that requires software that strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and control.

We want all accountants and bookkeepers to have access to our newest payroll and HR features, which is why we’ve introduced the Ultimate Payroll Package. For just $29/month + $3/per employee, all our accounting and bookkeeping partners will now enjoy our full-suite of services, which include:

  • Unlimited payrolls each month—never worry about those extra pay runs adding up!
  • “Master Admin” access so that you can manage all your payroll clients on one dashboard.
  • Our user-friendly client portal where employees can access their paystubs, ROEs, and more.
  • Web and phone support from our Toronto-based team of payroll specialists.
  • Bonus features such as custom payroll fields, e-sign capabilities, a secure document vault, WSIB remittances, and more.

To find out exactly what's included in the new package, go to our Partners page to learn more.

What This Means for You

For accountants and bookkeepers who were on our previous partner package, all plans will be automatically upgraded to the Ultimate Payroll Package price of $29/month + $3 per employee. What this means in detail is:

  • If you were on our Lite Plan (39/mo + 4/ee), you and the clients you actively manage will get access to all the features in Complete, and the billing will drop to the new Ultimate Package price.
  • If you were on our Complete Plan (39/mo + 6/ee), you and your actively managed clients will retain all of the features you currently use, and your billing will drop to the new Ultimate Package price.
  • If you are one of Knit’s early adopters and have a Grandfathered Plan, you will retain the Grandfathered Plan (which includes the equivalent of the Lite package features). If you manage any companies that have more employees than the maximum of Grandfathered employees, you will be billed for those companies at the new rate (29/mo + 3/ee), and will automatically unlock the Ultimate Package features. If you would like to move any Grandfathered clients to the Ultimate Payroll Package to get the full set of features for them, please get in touch with us!
  • The previous bulk discount structure (10% - 15% - 20% based on the number of clients managed by you on our system) still apply under the new Ultimate Pricing Package.

To learn more about what is included in our Ultimate Pricing Package for accountants and bookkeepers, please visit our Partners page.

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